metal roof

photo taken by Denton Harryman and shared on Flickr as creative commons (CC0)

Today’s photo shows a larger home project. Specifically installing a metal roof. A little research finds the following explanation:

“Unlike many other areas of the United States, coastal areas require a different type of roofing to deal with the weather of the area. Though beautiful for much of the year, coastal weather can some times be very harsh. The roofing materials, that are used on a house in a coastal area, such as West Palm Beach roofing, must be able to withstand high speed wind, salt, storms, and many other elements. The material needs to be durable enough to not fall apart under these environmental pressures.”

Following is a link to an article about the Best Types of Roofs For Coastal Areas. Also, a link has been included for today’s photo saved on Flickr with the caption A metal roof being installed on Seabrook Island in South Carolina.