Town of Seabrook Island

photo taken by Denton Harryman and shared as creative commons, Public Domain Dedication (CC0)

Today’s photo is proof that Seabrook Island is a town. Not exactly a city but a town is close so I feel we meet the requirements for the City Daily Photo community.

The Town of Seabrook Island was incorporated in 1987. Wikipedia says there are 1,815 residence. And a little research finds that the last count had 61 loggerhead turtle nest and maybe 700 alligators.

Seabrook Island is home to the Seabrook Island Club which includes golf, tennis, and equestrian centers. Also, the club includes multiple pools and dinning options.

Seabrook Island has many beautiful homes, oak trees everywhere, Spanish moss, lagoons, the ocean, a wonderful beach, a marina, and an abundance of wildlife.

So there should be lots of photo opportunities.

Following is a link to the Town of Seabrook Island photo saved on Flickr. Also, the following links are to the Town of Seabrook Island and the Seabrook Island Club. And for those interested we have included links to our research on Seabrook Island turtle count and alligator count.